Opera Cake

There are always new lessons while making my cakes…

I made this cake in order to give my office friends something to break their fasting. Hmm.. well.. its also because .. it was my birthday..;-). Prepared by my personal assistant at home. I told to make two cakes, each three layer using opera cake recipe. As the result.. i got three cakes using two recipe of opera.. Well… This is start of the new lessons…

At first i didnt realized each layer is too tall.. So i just put the coffeed simple syrup at the top.. then… put the ganache after the syrup. At the time i realized the ganache layer is too thin.. Thinking what i have to do to make the cake a proper layer.. i decided to cut the layer. Well well well.. not and easy thing but it was done. You will see my opera layer is bumpy.. 😀 (amateurrr benerr).

So.. my first lesson is.. I’d better to bake the opera as is each layer. Its very hard for me to cut the layer into two… Desperately make the flat surface… As you know the bumpy surface in every layer will effect the final result.. The top will also bumpy.. Yes.. the top of my opera cake is bumpy.. i have to put extra ganache on the area, wait until set.. then its possible to cover the whole top with ganache.

The second lesson is.. cutt the cake side using string is much more easier and give a better result than using a knife. I previously using knife to cut my first opera. The cake side was crumbly.. not pretty at all..

So.. heres my opera.. Sorry for the rose top.. i carelessly touch it.. the petal is not a petal anymore…

opera cake

PS: Sorry for my not good english .. im learning.. 😉

Need the recipe?

I use the recipe by Mba Ita Kustina. But add mocca buttercream as one of the layer filling. Oops.. i just remember i also forgot to add butter on my ganache…;-)

Ok then..Let me know if u need this recipe in English.


Bahan :

200 gram Almond bubuk/ Mete bubuk
150 gram gula pasir halus (bukan gula halus ya, atau icing)
6 butir telur ayam utuh

50 gram mentega cairkan

55 gram tepung terigu

115 gram putih telur
55 gram gula halus

Cara Membuat :
1. Campur almond, gula pasir dan 3 butir telur, kocok dengan mixer kurang lebih 10 menit
2. Masukan sisa telur satu persatu, sambil terus kocok, dan setelah semua telur masuk, kocok kembali kurang lebih 10 menit.
3. Masukan 2 sendok besar adonan kedalam mentega cair, aduk rata, sisihkan..
4. Campur tepung ke dalam adonan almond aduk rata
5. Kocok putih telur sampai berbusa, masukan gula halus, sambil terus kocok sampai kaku tapi jangan terlalu kaku ..
6. Campur adonan almond dengan putih telur, aduk rata
7. Terakhir masukan mentega cair yang telah dicampur sedikit adonan, ke dalam adonan almond.
8. Bagi kue menjadi 6 bagian ke dalam loyang ukuran 22 * 22, panggang dengan api besar kurang lebih 10 menit …
Cara Menyusun :
1. Ambil selemabr cake, siram dengan kopi yang aromanya enak, lapis dengan butter cream.
2. Tumpuk satu lembar cake di atas cake tadi, siram cake dengan kopi dan oles dengan ganache .
3. Demikian terus sampai semua cake habis… masukan ke dalam kulkas kurang lebih 20 menit, terakhir siram atasnya dengan cokelat siram atau ganache cair
4. Masukan lagi ke dalam kulkas kurang lebig 1 jam, rapihkan pinggirnya, sehingga cake tampil cantik, dan hias sesuka hati ..

Bahan :
500 gr dark cooking chocolate
200 gr whipped cream
200 gr butter

Cara Membuatnya :
– Panaskan whipped cream, angkat, masukkan dark cooking chocolat yg sudah dipotong-potong, dan butter, aduk hingga leleh.
– Dinginkan dalam lemari es hingga semalam, keluarkan lalu keruk-keruk dan kocok hingga licin, siap dipergunakan sebagai bahan olesan.


~ by rohmah on August 28, 2009.

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